Master Ethical Hacking

Get a complete ethical hacking course from scratch to an advanced level, and learn how to set up a hacking lab and perform penetration testing.

During this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about building a secure network that keeps unwanted visitors out of your computer systems and network.

Get prepared for many job opportunities in this field and increase your value in any IT position by joining us in this course.

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Admissions closing on 1st October 2022.
Ethical Hacking 88%
Ethical Hacking Pro 85%

Key Highlights

Things you will Learn:

Ethical Hacking

Program Curriculum

  • Before we begin!
  • Virtual Box install tutorial
  • Kali Linux install tutorial
  • Going full screen in Kali Linux!333
  • Basic commands – part 1

  • Basic commands – part 2

  • Basic commands – part 3

  • Changing IP address and setting up wireless adapter

  • Creating bootable Kali USB

  • Important networking terms

  • Important hacking terms

  • Few things to do after installing Kali Linux

  • Changing our Mac Address – Macchanger

  • Google hacking

  • Nikto basics

  • Whois tool

  • Email harvesting

  • Shodan

  • Zone transfer with dig

  • Installing Metasploitable

  • Nmap – part 1

  • Nmap – part 2

  • Nmap – part 3

  • Zenmap

  • TCP scans

  • Nmap bypassing defences

  • Nmap scripts 1

  • Nmap scripts 2

  • Installing Owasp

  • HTTP request

  • HTTP response

  • Burp Suite configuration

  • Editing packets in Burp Suite

  • Whatweb & Dirb

  • Password recovery attack

  • Burp Suite login bruteforce

  • Hydra login bruteforce

  • Session fixation

  • Injection attacks

  • Simple command injection

  • Exploiting command injection vulnerability

  • Finding blind command injection

  • Webpentest – basics of SQL

  • Manual SQL injection – part 1

  • Manual SQL injection – part 2

  • SQLmap basics

  • XML injection

  • Installing XCAT and preventing injection attacks

  • Reflected XSS

  • Stored XSS

  • Changing HTML code with XSS

  • XSSer & XSSsniper

  • Wireless attacks theory

  • Putting network card in monitor mode

  • Capturing handshake with Airodump

  • RockYou.txt

  • Cracking with Aircrack

  • Cracking with Hashcat

  • Making password lists with Crunch

  • Making password lists with Cupp

  • Rainbowtables – part 1

  • Rainbowtables – part 2

  • Installing fluxion

  • Finding and cracking hidden network

  • Preventing wireless attacks

  • ARP protocol basics

  • MITM attack theory

  • Installing MITMf

  • Manual Arpspoofing

  • Problems while installing MITMf

  • HTTP traffic sniffing

  • DNS spoofing and HTTPS password sniffing

  • Hooking browsers with BEEF

  • Screenshotting targets browser

  • Cloning any webpage

  • Ettercap basics

  • MSFconsole enviroment

  • Metasploit modules explained

  • Bruteforcing SSH with Metasploit

  • Attacking Tomcat with Metasploit

  • Getting Meterpreter with command injection

  • PHP code injection

  • 2 Metasploitable exploits

  • Wine installation

  • Crafting Windows payloads with Msfvenom

  • Encoders & Hexeditor

  • Windows 10 Meterpreter shell

  • Meterpreter enviroment

  • Windows 10 privilege escalation

  • Preventing privilege escalation

  • Post exploitation modules

  • Getting Meterpreter over Internet with port forwarding

  • Eternalblue exploit

  • Persistence module

  • Hacking over Internet with Ngrok

  • Android device attack with Venom

  • Real hacking begins now!

  • Variables

  • raw_input

  • IF ELSE statement

  • FOR loop

  • WHILE loop

  • Python lists

  • Functions

  • Classes

  • Importing libraries

  • Files in Python

  • Try and Except rule

  • Theory behind reverse shell

  • Simple server code

  • Connection with reverse shell

  • Sending and receiving messages

  • Sending messages with while true loop

  • Executing commands on target system

  • Fixing backdoor bugs & adding functions

  • Installing Pyinstaller

  • First performance test of our backdoor

  • Trying to connect every 20 seconds

  • Creating persistence – part 1

  • Creating persistence – part 2

  • Changing directory

  • Uploading & downloading files

  • Downloading files from Internet

  • Starting programs from our backdoor

  • Capturing screenshot on target PC

  • Embedding backdoor in image – part 1

  • Embedding backdoor in image – part 2

  • Checking for administrator privileges

  • Adding help option

  • Importing Pynput

  • Simple keylogger

  • Adding report function

  • Writing keystrokes to a file

  • Adding keylogger to our reverse shell – part 1

  • Adding keylogger to our reverse shell – part 2

  • Final project test

  • Printing banner

  • Adding available options

  • Starting threads for bruteforce

  • Making function to run the attack

  • Bruteforcing router login

  • Bypassing antivirus with all your future programs

  • Sending malware with spoofed email

  • What’s next

Upskilling Plans:


Rs. 6,300/-

Save up to 30% each month


Rs. 9,200/-

Save up to 30% each month


Rs. 16,700/-

Save up to 30% each month


For your dedication and commendable efforts to learning, for completion of the training as well as the projects accurately and within the timelines given, you earn industry-recognized certifications.

On successful completion of your program, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from Unicliff.

By taking an upskilling program with Unicliff and completing your program, you get your certification which has validity of a lifetime.

After completion of your program of entire training module and assessments, you are eligible to obtain your certificate from Unicliff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethical hacking is for people who in general want to live a digitally secure life because by knowing how in built systems can be penetrated you become more secure and adapt a lifestyle that is less likely to result in data breach for you or for your organisation.

Yes,Most data breaches happen because of unaware employees who click on certain phishing mails and that results in data breach for the company.  Every employee should be given compulsory training in cyber security where he knows what are the ways his digital life can become a threat to the security of the company.

CEH is a global organisation that conducts and certifies ethical hackers ,its certification is valid for 6 months and is based on OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. CEH certification is valid everywhere in the world and can help you get a job anywhere in the world for a role of Penetration tester or security analyst.

Yes we have 1:1 mentoring sessions where you can ask your doubts with the mentors and get your problems solved.

There are no prerequisites for the course and everything will be taught from the basics.