Artificial Intelligence

This Artificial Intelligence course, created by a Ph.D. professor from BITS Pilani, will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin your career in this field.

You will study a variety of Artificial Intelligence subjects, including data science, deep learning, machine learning, and much more.

Join us to gain the skills you need to increase your worth in any IT position and gain employment opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

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Admissions closing on 1st October 2022.
Artificial Intelligence freshers 76%
Artificial Intelligence Professionals 50%

Key Highlights

Things you will Learn:

Data Science

Program Curriculum

Image Processing and Image Extraction
Image-Histogram and Contrast Measures
Image Processing and Object Regognition
Viola Jones Algorithm – Face Regognition
Introduction to Time Series Analysis
Trend Line Analysis, Pattern Identification
Time Series Smothening Methods
Time Series Prediction Analysis
Difference between AI and Machine Learning
Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Difference between Machine Learning and Data Science
Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Data Architecture Design and Data Warehousing
Schema Design – Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema and Fact Concelltation
Master Data Management(MDM)

Upskilling Plans:


Rs. 6,300/-

Save up to 30% each month


Rs. 9,200/-

Save up to 30% each month


Rs. 16,700/-

Save up to 30% each month


For your dedication and commendable efforts to learning, for completion of the training as well as the projects accurately and within the timelines given, you earn industry-recognized certifications.

On successful completion of your program, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from Unicliff.

By taking an upskilling program with Unicliff and completing your program, you get your certification which has validity of a lifetime.

After completion of your program of entire training module and assessments, you are eligible to obtain your certificate from Unicliff.

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Course rating 4.8-

Frequently Asked Questions

The future is AI. The people who are proficient in making AI models and working with coding in general will be given much more preference in the technical role hiring.

For Current working professionals they can use their learning incentives here and can get a promotion into senior roles while building meaningful automation softwares for  the internal processes of the organisation.

No, Most are hired in the analyst roles and are required to go through a training program so that they can work with the proprietary software for the company.

There are no prerequisites for the course and everything will be taught from the basics.