Hi there, welcome to Unicliff

The curriculums which are there in most colleges have not got updated in the last 20 years. To give you a perspective, touchscreen Phones were not even there 20 years ago. We at Unicliff are working towards a curriculum that is actually industry relevant and can land you an Instant job in one of our partnered companies. We prepare you for
off-campus placements where you are just not dependent on the college for getting placed.

Our Global Reach

Unicliff is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning,
connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed.









Our values

We are very stringent towards our values. Our values form the base of brick and mortar on which we will be building our culture.


In a world full of misinformation we want to be transparent and only promise what we can deliver.

Community Building

We are keen on connecting with like-minded people because great things can only happen when great minds come together. World Class access to the global community- cause we have some international structure.

Career Sustainability

We are dedicated to helping our learners get employed in the path they choose to move forward with us. We set them on a path of sustainable career and growth.

Join our quirky and fun office for a rapid career and personal growth.

Kindly look at our career page to find the best opportunity that suits your career trajectory. If you don't, please drop your resume in case there is an opening our HRs will get in touch with you after a suitable position opens up.